Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015

 Studio Amanda & Matilda + Sophia Lithell 

Rotunda is a collaboration between Studio Amanda & Matilda and SophiaLithell where our disciplines and material together form a piece of furniture. Rotunda is a furniture with large volume which contrasts to the textiles. With its simple cylindrical shape, it lifts it up and puts focus on the top, where materials and designs is in the spotlight. The ability to vary the top gives the furnituredifferent functions and expressions.

Studio Amanda & Matilda consists of textile designers Amanda Boierth and  Matilda Ekström  The studio was founded in 2013 and aims to create modern, boldfabrics with a durable expression.

Sophia Lithell is an Furniture Designer & Interior architect SIR/MSA.

Since 2017 working as Interior architect at Tengbom in Malmö.

Foto: Sofia Lithell

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