Everyday Leftover

The new collection Everyday Leftover is part of an on going project inspired by details hidden in our daily life.

Like how the sheets are draped in your bed creating imprints from your body and the nightly movement, resulting in wavy landscapes. Or how the leftover dots from punching holes during office work creates random and organic dotted patterns. The expression of the collection is graphic yet organic, playing with scales and creating movement with classical dots and stripes.

MOVE BLANKET, is a soft wool blanket consisting of 40 % lamb and 60% merino

wool, a premium quality in a beautiful yellow ochre colour.


Four cushion covers inspired by the poetic drapes of sheets when waking up. Playing with scales and creating Striped Landscapes. Digitally printed in an eco friendly way on polyester velvet that keeps the colours intact.

Smallscale production by Studio Matida Ekstrom. Launched at the London Design Fair in the Swedish Pavilion, september 2019.

M. matilda.ekstrom@gmail.com  T.+46 70 8829934 A. Malmgatan 16, 211 32 Malm√∂

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